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Understanding what a child is thinking during the first few years of their growth is important to learn their emotional and behavioural traits. We at Play Therapy Asia Conference are know for putting together a support group for such kids which makes it easy for them to convey the mental and emotional condition through different forms of activities like games, painting, and playing in the sand.

We are the only one of its kind organisation that focuses on play therapy since it emerged. We also understand the nuances of the therapy and how to apply it efficiently on to the kids. The therapy first emerged as a district profession in 2013. This happened when the Professional Standards Authority recognised the potential of play and creative arts.

The thing that makes this therapy so effective with kids is that they can showcase their feelings through different physical activities which they enjoy. Apart from this our therapists also require a more skilled based approach when compared to any psychiatrist or depression consultant.

This happens because a psychiatrist is good in their communication skill which makes it easy for an adult to narrate their feelings. But with kids it is all the more difficult to ask them about their feelings and talk to them like a normal individual. This is where are trained therapist play a very important role in making the kids feel safe and comfortable enough to share there thoughts.

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What We Do

The main aim of our organisation is to conduct conferences or support groups throughout the world so that kids can benefit from Play Therapy. Apart from this we also focus in providing parents and other individuals with proper details about taking care of a kid and how to gauge their emotions.This therapy makes it all the more easy for parents to understand what their kid is going through and how to deal with it specifically.

As of now the Play Therapy Asia Conference covers more than 30 countries where are volunteers use this interactive play therapy to communicate with kids in an effective and non-invasive way.

As for last year's record almost 77% to 83% of children that participate in our play therapy sessions showcase positive changes which means adults are able to tap into the problems and sort them out instantly. These play therapy conferences are conducted in different cities so that everyone can participate.

The easiest way to participate in these therapies is by visiting our website and registering with us. The registration process includes your basic details so that you can be notified about an upcoming event. Along with this you can also view the location and timing of each conference that is supposed to come up soon.

What is Our Goal?

The main aim of our organisation is to provide comfort to kids in the best possible way. if you still want to understand what our goal is with these conferences then here is a small list that he put together

  • You get to learn from the best Asian Therapist & Play Therapy Experts that prove to be really effective in understanding kids perspective and thoughts.
  • You also get to have dedicated 2-to-1 meetings with the experts who are excellent win their skilled based approach.
  • Our conference is able to reach more parents and adults so that they can help their kids by understanding what they are trying to communicate.
  • You are also able to meet other parents that struggle in communicating with their kids and can learn from their experience.

Many of our conference attendees are interested in achieving their degree through a certified nursing program in their worldwide region. Our select partners will aide in determining what colleges offer CNA classes near you, and how much does it cost to become a CNA, the most common type of nurse in India. These pieces of information are vital to building a successful foundation in the nursing field. Additionally, we recommend seeking expertise and advices from the Indian Nursing Council, which exists to establish uniforms standards of training for Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors.


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To make this session even more worthwhile we have a panel of the best therapist from Asia. This group is not only well educated and skilled in their approach but are also some of the most famous professionals in their field. To give you an idea of who you can expect at the conference here is a list.

James Orbit

Mr.James Orbit

Prashant Sharma

Mr.Prashant Sharma

Spencer Reid

Mr.Spencer Reid

Jigyasa Gupta

Miss.Jigyasa Gupta

Anita Sharma

Mrs.Anita Sharma

Kate Beckett

Mrs.Kate Beckett


The easiest way to get in touch with us is through our website. The website not only has all the details of the conference for this year but will also give you information about how the therapy works. You can also register with us through this site. By filling this basic form you will be able to get in touch with us through your query or register for upcoming sessions.

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Play therapy is the art of communicating with kids through different physical activities like games, paintings, drawings, extra.

The conference is about teaching parents how to interact with their kids through play therapy. You will be able to learn how to understand your kids emotions by attending our sessions.
The simplest way to register for our conference is through our website. The website has a specific form that you can fill to gather information about the closest Play Therapy Asian Conference to your area.
Once you register for our event you will automatically get a notification regarding the location and the fees details of the conference. You can also send in a query through our contact us page to know more about the fee structure.
Our panel of speakers depend on which country we are organising our events. One thing that is common between all the panels is the excellency of the speakers. All the individuals are highly trained and qualified individuals in Child Psychology and Play Therapy making them the apt choice for the event.


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Event Location

JW Marriott Hotel
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